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Real Estate India: 5 Tips for Estate Agent Website Design Image

20 May

Having a great office/home, that works for our loved ones can be the best thing. Luckily, we have the real estate agencies to thank for enabling just that. With the advent of social distancing in our daily lives, showing properties, connecting with new clients and open-houses can become difficult. However, with our tips on estate agent website design, your real estate company can rise to the occasion.

#1 Understand your needs

A website can have all the features in the world, but the costs of getting that will not get your agency anywhere. Before you jump into the race of getting a feature packed website, understand your needs. Where do your clients come from? What can you do with a website and how does that benefit you in connecting with new customers. Visit other websites to gain a better perspective. Check out this link for the same.

Once you make a list of all the features and pages you need, start reducing the things that aren't that important. Do not change your agency / work culture according to the website but build one that supplements it.

#2 Dynamic & Responsive Websites

A Dynamic website is a website that allows visitors to take actions and interact with the content actively, dynamic feature examples are, having the facility for customers to add, edit and delete property listing, a live-chat feature, dynamic blog-postings. A dynamic website isn't necessary for most real estate agents out there.

However, a responsive website is absolutely crucial. A responsive website means a website that scales according to the screen width. This means the website works great on all devices like mobile, tablet and desktops. Considering that mobile traffic is vastly more than desktop/laptop traffic, not having a responsive website isn't an option.

#3 Estate Agent Website Design: Simplicity is Key

Once you know the needs and objectives your website needs to fulfill, building a simple yet powerful website is easy. Simplicity does not mean plain, it means easy to use and remember. The best websites are simple and powerful. Having a lot of colors, text and banner ads on your website can make the customers vary, try saying more in less words.

#4 Testimonials, Blogs & Photos

Customers look for social proof online. Social proof is basically tools such as previous customer feedback, helpful blogs and photos of your agency and its employees. When all these resources are used well, you increase your chance at convincing customers into choose your company.

#5 Testing, SEO & Testing!

SEO means making a website that can be indexed and displayed on Google above your competitors. Having a website that is SEO-Optimized can be the strongest marketing technique for your agency.

A good website is build once, a great website is build every day. If you want to make the best out of your website, you constantly need to test the layout, get feedback and improve performance.