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20 May

Building an attractive website, populating it with great content, and overcoming the countless difficulties that come with the development can seem like a war in itself, and yet in the world of Digital Marketing, it's only the start of the battle. Having a perfect website that does justice to your amazing vision may lead to nothing if no people are seeing it. Getting people to do something new, especially when the new thing involves them giving you money can be difficult. Luckily there are ways to make that journey easy and get good website traffic.

Social Media - Easy Traffic

Your website is like your online shop, you can’t expect your customers to just know where you are. The first step you take is to spread the word to the people you know. In the online world, you can do so by sharing your website on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn & others. You can also ask your friends and colleagues to do the same as well. This might seem obvious to most but a staggering number of entrepreneurs fail to capitalize on this asset correctly. Social Media can be one of the easiest ways to get quality website traffic.  Do keep in mind the following

  • Avoid sharing everywhere at once. Go slow and try not to overwhelm your audience, covering a platform a week would give enough time for your audience and increase brand recall.
  • Focus on your words & design, the first impression can be a strong one. Choose your words carefully and a design that shows your awesomeness.
  • Create dedicated social media handles for your website and promote those.
  • Share only when you are ready, if you share your website too early before its completely ready, it can spoil your impact.
  • Creating hype by starting slow and vague can often go a long way in helping accelerate your website during the initial launch.
  • Most websites take 1-2 weeks to properly populate in the google search index. You should start your promotions after that.

Search Engines – Google & Bing?

Facebook and other social media sites can be a good way to let your existing contacts know about your website but your goal is to get new ones. No one goes into Facebook looking for where to buy the service or product you are selling; they find that on Google. Your website needs to be optimized so that websites like Google can understand your site and put your content first. Do keep in mind the following:

  • Use meta tags, they are what most search engines use to know more about your website.
  • Speed and security of your website matter for search engines to rank you above the competition.
  • Content is key, make sure your text is descriptive and easy for people to understand. Focusing on new content with proper keywords can be the best tool for you.  
  • Create search console accounts, sitemaps, and use other such tools to accelerate your growth.
  • Build back-links by listing your website on online directories and other sites.
  • Make sure your website uses original and clean content as not doing so can greatly decrease your search engine rankings.

Advertising - Boost Your Website

Both the above methods are FREE and when done right, work wonders for your website. However, sometimes, you can use the push that advertising gives you. Using social media advertising or search engine advertising can greatly increase your website traffic and help you grow faster. It can also project good values to your existing audience and multiply your social perception.

However, advertising can be expensive, especially for beginners. Our advice is that you start by capitalizing on free and organic marketing before you venture into advertising. However, setting up a well-tuned page boost on Facebook during the launch can help you a ton.

Final Take

Every product is unique and so is every person. This makes the work of making a rulebook for marketing impossible and unethical. The best method is trying and testing and knowing your audience. That’s why collaborating with a digital marketing agency can provide you a distinct advantage. Contact us anytime for a free consultation.