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    Baradighi - The Bungalow

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    Media Management

  • Industry:

    Botique Resort

Located in an impressive 507 Hectares estate, in the heart of the magnificent Dooars, Baradighi's signature bungalow started in 1891. Boasting a rich heritage, the property was known for hosting viceroys and other high-ranking officials. Thus, when we started with the social media management for the hotel, we knew the primary objective was awareness building because the underlying offering was truly a hidden gem.

We started our work consolidating all the media presence. Establishing easy to recall media monikers names, attractive profile images and cover art. A green, white and beige colour combination was established to aid in the design vision of all things Baradighi. The content pipelines of the undertaking were custom developed to ensure coordination and design flexibility.

Baradighi The Bungalow is truly a heaven of luxury, comfort and serenity tucked in a sprawling estate in the Dooars, West Bengal. A legacy that spans over 150+ years is a testament to their service and high standards.