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  • Client:

    Sanjay Khemka

  • Category:

    Reach Optimization

  • Industry:

    CA Coaching

Sanjay Khemka Classes is a premier CA coaching institute delivering highly-curated pen-drive classes on Risk Management, EISSM, FM, SFM & Economics.

With over 10+ Years of experience, Mr Sanjay Khemka has been a pioneer in the CA Coaching space. A legacy of nurturing over 15,000 students under him, Sanjay Khemka Classes delivers highly curated and expertly crafted pen-drive classes for select CA Final & Intermediate Courses.

Subjects like EISSM, SFM, Financial Management & Economics are covered expertly with experienced-based coverage, ensuring that all topics get due coverage based on their weighting. The video classes are enhanced with the aid of several audio-video media allowing complex topics to be broken down and covered with ease and depth. The easy-going and paced format of the classes allows students to save time and go through the subjects with ease. A legacy that spans over a decade and thousands of happy CA's to vouch for, Sanjay Khemka Classes is truly your one-stop solution for CA Coaching.

Our Reach Optimization for Sanjay Khemka Classes entailed a mix of both on-site and off-site goals. We installed an SSL Certificate, created a site map and cleaned the meta tags to ensure that all search engine bots can easily register the content. Generating authority sources for the brand across reputed data points and leveraging the great brand content into more readable and indexable components was also a key part that helped boost the audience for their domain.